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Sharon’s Champions Duathlon, 3/26/11

March 26, 2011


My mantra going into this race, courtesy of my coach, “Train it, don’t race it.”  2 weeks to go until my “A” race – the Lonestar 70.3.  Let’s see where I am!  So I have to admit, I was mentally prepared for a 10k run, 25mi bike, and 10k run… then low and behold, the runs are ONLY 5k. easy peasy.

Thank goodness this is a close to home race – so many are far away, but this one – I still got up at 6a… out the door by 645a so I could fill up the car, and still onsite by 705a.  Transition opened at 730a. And I got there early enough that I got to park in the far-away lot (on the south side of the lake). Those that got there later got to park next to transition.

Run into Angela Fuller as I’m setting up my transition area.  At 8:05 we head out for a 15 min (1.5mi) warm up run.  It feels good, no issues with foot/ankle/toes (which are also bound up with KTTape courtesy of Vicki!!!).

The Olympic Duathlon takes off the same time as the Olympic Tri, so 9:10-ish  – we’re OFF!!! Angela & I keep pace for the first mile and a bit, then we turn into a headwind, and i start to fall back a little.  I also gots to stick with the plan – what my body is used to: 20 min run, 2 min walk. She’s a little ahead of me when the 20 min mark get here, and i dutifully walk.  When I resume my run, I feel even better.  1st loop of Lake Pfl done in 25:37.  I saw Angela exiting T1 as I entered.  1:12 later, I’m coming out of transition, onto my bike.

Train it, don’t race it.

But I have a nice tailwind!!! I hit 20-25mph for this first leg heading north. Sweet.  Then we make a right-hand turn. Onto poorer quality road, and starting into a shoulder wind.  This is not the route/ride I was envisioning when talking with Ron this week!  Yes, I know where we are going now from having ridden out here before.  I think I would prefer the route I was thinking of, but alas, this is the challenge laid out before me!  Rolling hills, headwind.  What more can a girl ask for?  I’ve been leap frogging with a 36yo that’s also a Du, and she finally gets out in front and stays there. Now, I have to say this disheartened me some, cuz her bike had cages, and her form needed some work. I let it go. We turn onto Jesse Bohls.  Ahhh… the way back… of loop 1… and there’s a longer hill, a corner, and a longer hill.  I see all the people turning in…sprint distance.  I pass by the turn off, Loop 2.  No sweat.

Train it, don’t race it.

So this 2nd loop, I’m mentally playing games with  myself, seeing what different gears do, oh wait – i have a tailwind! 20-25mph cuz its FUN. and then the right hand turn into work.  Back to the gears. Back to technique.  Back to sticking with the plan.  And there’s no-one around me… am I out here alone?  A few more turns and some guys finally catch & pass me.  I’m thinking that the Olympic Tri ladies should be around here somewhere… about 1/2 way thru this loop, a few on the really nice bikes pass me. Yep, there back there.  Ah, Jesse Bohls, the 2 hills, and this time I get to turn in.  I dismount, and walk quickly into T2 (still being careful with da feetsies). Bike time is 1:39.

Train it, don’t race it. T2 is practice for Lonestar. Everything i’m doing there, I’m doing here. Change shoes, grab my water belt, gels into the shorts pockets, and walk out of transition while I’m putting ponytail in clip, downing a gel and getting salts… ummmm… salts…I had them… darn it.  I find out later I dropped them, and they are now gone.  They were in my hands. Also realize I left my sweat towel in T2.  Sweat in eyes = uncool. I’m dealing.  2:44 after i enter T2 I start running.  I grab electrolyte drink at the first aid station (note: Hammer is yucky).  I am passing it at 7:00… in warm up, we passed at 7:30, 6-something on the first loop. Cool.  Focus. Focus. Focus. Technique. Technique. Technique.  I make it through the first 10 min, and the run starts to get easier. Sticking with the plan, I walk at 20:00 (ah, that comes after the 2nd aid station). I walk for 2.  I resume the run, feeling better, starting to pick up pace, and gaining on the lady in front of me. 20/2; I can do this.  I’m also mentally starting to think: I’ve got another 10 miles to go, and my body says “ok, we got it”.  I feel confident. Total Run time: 27:37. (Tthat’s only 2 min slower than the first one… and didn’t have that much of a walk on the front).

Train it, don’t race it.

I used this race as training to see where I was, and I’m there.  I’m ready. The first 20 min of the run will be the challenge, but I’ve got Ron & Suzyn in my brain, helping me win the mental challenge.

I had the pleasure of Leilani calling my name for winning the Master’s division of the Du 🙂

I feel good. I’m not tired, and tomorrow I’ll find out if I’m sore.  Although I could use some more food…