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Cap10K, 2nd year

April 11, 2010

5:00 AM.  I wake up for no apparent reason.  Body says MOVE, so I get up.  Actually get some cleaning done around the apt.  Foam roll legs.  Things feeling good, hips a bit tight.

7:20 AM.  Arrive at the YMCA for carpool.  Run an easy 1/2 mile to loosen hips, light stretching.

7:30 AM. Suzyn, Gustavo & Camila arrive.  Our adventure BEGINS!

8:05 AM. Finally get car parked.  Start walking to the starting line. Suzyn is in awe of the sheer number of people here. I am entertained. 🙂

8:45 AM.  We (Suzyn, Gustavo & I) start together. Feeling good.  In Blue wave (relatively close to the front), Camila is a wave behind in the Red.  Day is overcast, about 60 degrees, and light mist. Perfect running weather!

Suzyn & I running together, Gustavo already ahead of us. 

Mile 1:  8:21.

Pace is a bit challenging, but still feeling good. Techinque. Focus on Techinque.

Mile 2: 8:00.

There’s this hill where my hamstrings suddenly say “uh-uh”… I have to slow down.. Walk for about a minute, focusing on technique again.  Suzyn gets ahead of me. Did you see the people passing out the free donuts? And people taking them?  During a race? 

Mile 3: 9:12.

Ok, if i have to walk some for the hammies, I’m cool with that.  Get to thinking that most people out here didn’t swim a mile then ride 27 the day before.  I feel pretty good about myself. 

Mile 4: 8:39.

Woo-hoo, i walk some and i’ve still sub-9min/mile.  Hamstrings starting to feel better. Focus on relaxing and enjoying the run. And Technique.  Decide on a 9 min run, 1 min walk to get through this mentally. 

Mile 5: 8:52 (43:06 for 5 miles…that’s an avg 8:36 pace).

Most of the hills are gone now, just a gentle incline on Cesar Chavez left.  Ow… that right hammie no feel so good… i take an extra walk… people go by with “your almost done”,  i run again… then i walk again… deciding its not worth a real injury, i continue to run/walk as my hamstring allows.

Mile 6: 9:24

so i had to walk a bit more on that last one. alas, i’m OK with that. Run in the final .2.

Finish time: 54:10 (by my watch, ergo unofficial; 8:43 average pace).

Did i mention my hamstring no happy?  Find Suzyn at end of race, she was about 3 min ahead, me thinks. Gustavo finished in 48.

Very happy with results, and no injury (ok, I’m icing my hamstring as I type, and will rest it until cycle class on Tuesday… brick pending).  If I can do a 54 min 10k after I’ve raced the swim & bike,I’ll be extremely happy!  First, I have to get my quads/hip flexors to be more active on the bike.  I remember people saying that when you transition to the run, you need to do some hamstring drills to get the blood shifted to them (away from quads).  My hams are nice & warmed up before I ever get there.  If iI keep overfatiguing my hams, I’ll end up with some more serious issue than what I have today!  Cycle class peeps – I’ll be doing more 1 leg pedaling – you don’t have to do with me…