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Sharon’s 1st 1/2 Marathon experience

December 30, 2009

4:30 AM what’s that @#*&! noise? Oh, that’s my @#*&! alarm. Why is my alarm going off? Oh, yea…
5:00 AM Geni arrives, we set off on our quest, eyes barely open. Good thing she’s driving…zzz.zz.zzz.zz…..zzz
6:10 AM Packet pick up – Sally Edwards actually checks us in. Brrrr – it’s a brisk 47 out.
6:50 AM vanilla clif gel. Almost gag… waaaaaay too early in the wintery AM for this.
7:00ish Race starts, its still brisk, and a bit dark. Sun trying to peak through fog. Wearing my prescription sport shades at this hour is funny.

Mile 1 warming up, feeling comfy, taking it easy. Geni & I chatting a bit. Admire all those people starting off fast.

Mile 2 Geni & I start passing people that started off faster than us
Can someone please remove the fog?
Realize they’ll be having mile markers, so maybe I should be timing…first 2 miles-ish in 19:01

Mile 3 Geni drops off at the water station  no one to chat with. Right side feels empty without her.
jacket finally comes off
can someone take care of the Fog please….
Group more spread out, still passing a few
2 are stopped at the water station, they pass me when they start up again (and I vow this is the only time
I’ll be passed)
Time: 9:16

Mile 4 man, why am I doing this when I’ve not really run in 2 weeks, this sucks… oh, no, its just a hill…
Time: 9:47

Mile 5 Wow, its STILL foggy
2 ladies that passed me still ahead, we’re keeping about same pace/distance apart. I vow I shall be in front of them before the end of the race.
Time: 9:04

Mile 6 I’m working on the lady in pink in front of me. did I mention she’s sick, and sounded awful when
she passed earlier? Gain some ground on a down hill…
Ooh… almost ½ way there!!!
Time: 9:32

Mile 7 Pass lady in pink. Almost catch #79 at the water station – she walks, I gain…
Time: 9:34

Mile 8 Hey, did you see the Llama?
This is where Rick said I’d feel it – I did – this is where I felt warmed up
Pass #79, she comments that we were holding a 9:16 pace, I pass her at an 8:47
Time: 9:24

Mile 9 pacesetter gone… hmmm.. is that another runner up there somewhere? I could easily tell if not for the
Only 4 miles to go – feeling good… longest I’ve run. EVER.
Right ankle starting to feel wanky, focus on stride… long short; long short; long short… better
I could use some new shoes
My tricep is starting to hurt. Huh???
Could use some fog removal as well.
Time: 9:20

Mile 10 That IS another runner (ponytail), ooo, and she just passed someone (another lady in pink)… she’s my
goal… watch her ponytail bounce, mesmerized as it gets closer
tricep getting more annoying. What did I DO???
Turn corner, water station and Mile 10 marker!!! Excited cuz I’m getting close, forget to hit LAP

Mile 11 pass lady in pink shortly after water station. She tries to hang. I pick it up. She can’t hang. she’s so mine.
Ponytail bounces in front of me. I focus, mesmerized.
Both ankles starting to hurt.
Really need new shoes. And orthotics. And a new tricep.
Time for last 2 miles: 18:00

Mile 12 Butt starting to cramp. Ankles hurt. Must… keep … going… ponytail…oh, wait, she’s behind me now
I spy a blue shirt in front of me. Next goal.
Let’s see, what color shoes do I want…?
How long will it take to get used to the new orthotics?
Can I get an orthotic for my tricep?
10K runners merging in with us now. More peeps to motivate me… they goin’ down!

Mile 13 Legs going numb. Butt still “starting” to cramp.
Def need new shoes & orthotics.
Blue shirt draws closer… what? Is that her WALKING? She’s SO mine.
Doing best to ignore tricep now.
Time: 9:24

Mile 13.1 Haha!!! Only .1 to go!!!! I start to pick it up even more.
Can’t feel lower ½ of body. What tricep?
Shopping for new shoes later today… maybe 2 pair… orthotics appt on Friday…
Sally Edwards high fives me as I cross the finish line.

Life is good.
4th in age.
First 7 miles: 9:27 avg
Last 6 miles: 9:13 avg

Hello world!

December 27, 2009

Welcome to Wh(eee)^3 Racing!   We invite you to add in your comments on triathlon training. We are a support group for those that are interested in doing 70.3 & full IronMan races, RedMan (OK) in Sept 2010, Longhorn (TX) in Oct 2010 as well.  We are also on Facebook.  Please check us out for more updates!